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    My name is Damon Johnson. I'm Your Michigan Real Estate Agent.

    Damon is an amazing real estate agent with his clients in mind. Bring experience and charisma to the table with Damon Johnson your new Michigan Realtor.

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    "Cynthia and Alvin Brown"

    I'm happy that we were referred to DJ, he was very personable, honest and easy to reach. He tailored the listings we received to our specific needs and helped us to find a beautiful home.

    "Landis Smith"

    Damon is absolutely amazing. I didn't really know what to expect as a 1st time home buyer. Damon was there every step of the way and got the job done!

    "John V & Krystal N."

    Honest, dependable and an absolute miracle worker. No one can get you into the house of your dreams better than Damon can!

    Natalie Shamoun-Reider

    Working with Damon is like a breath of fresh air! He's knowledgeable, kind and he cares to listen. You will be taken care of like family! 

    "The Griggs"

    We'd like to thank your working tirelessly to find us a home. It seems as if we looked at about 50 houses and although we may have gotten on your nerve it never showed in your service delivery to us!